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    The lifelong naturopathic studies of the health pioneer Sebastian Kneipp laid the foundation in 1891 for the emergence and development of Kneipp GmbH. Today, as an internationally operating company headquartered in Würzburg, we export high-quality medicinal products and nutritional supplements as well as body care and bath products to many countries throughout the world. We present ourselves as a modern health brand with traditional values.

    KNEIPP® works. Naturally!

    The new development and continuous optimization of our products take place through our "Research and Development" department. Here, highly qualified scientists and pharmacy technicians work hand-in-hand to develop products which are precisely tailored to consumers' needs. In this process, we allow the latest scientific knowledge from basic research to be incorporated in our product development.

    Research and development

    From the very beginning, research has been of primary importance at Kneipp. For this reason, this area has been additionally strengthened in recent years and the cosmetics division has undergone expansion in particular. This is demonstrated in the founding of the "Kneipp® Team of Skin Experts" in 2010. Here our in-house researchers have a very close interdisciplinary exchange with world renowned scientists.

    The team of skin experts

    In keeping with our mission statement "proven efficacy with optimal tolerance", it is our goal to develop effective body care products with very good tolerance. In cooperation with schools of higher education and independent testing facilities, we prove the efficacy of our products through extensive scientific studies. The very good skin tolerance is "double verified" for each product, that is, in each case, we conduct two independent allergological tests on volunteers.

    Scientific studies / Ingredients

    Our ingredients are selected very carefully and in a way that is targeted and protects resources. Through the combination of high-quality plant oils and extracts with dermatologically effective additional components, we address a wide variety of skin conditions in a targeted way with our products and we can thus support the functions of the skin and improve the appearance of the skin.



    Water is the core of the famous "Kneipp-Kur" and stimulates the circulation.


    Kneipp® has always set great store by high concentrations of natural plant extracts in its formulas and products.


    Improves the general sense of wellbeing and strengthens the body's natural immune defenses.


    A consciously varied and balanced diet is the foundation of a healthy and active life.


    Balance is the basis for a healthy and active life. Each of the four elements contributes uniquely to health and enjoyment. The interaction of all four elements keeps the body and spirit in equilibrium.

    Part of the Kneipp® assortment is also certified natural cosmetics with the NATRUE seal.