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    KNEIPP® Body Massage Grape Seed Oil

    KNEIPP® Body Massage Grape Seed Oil
    Exp: 03/18

    PRICE: $11.95
    Discount: $11.95


    The Kneipp® Body Massage Grape Seed Oil contains a high-quality combination of skin-smoothing and intensely nourishing Grape Seed Oil and the active ingredient of Sandalwood Fruit, which improves skin’s elasticity. Enriched with moisturizing Jojoba and Sunflower oils, this Body Massage Oil firms, smoothest and nourishes while Vitamins A and E protect the skin.

    Grape Seed Oil has skin smoothing properties and is particularly rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E.

    The active ingredient in Sandalwood Fruit has a stimulating effect on the body and thus noticeably improves the firmness and tonicity of the skin.

    Kneipp® Grape Seed Oil products help counteract the loss of tonicity of the skin which help your skin become noticeably and measurably smoother, firmer and more toned. Regular massages using Kneipp® Body Massage Oil Grape Seed Oil are particularly important for an optimal firming result. A study confirms the improvement in cellulite, skin moisture and skin structure after just 2 weeks of applying Kneipp® Body Massage Oil Grape Seed Oil. (Independent testing facility: daily use of the Kneipp® Body Massage Oil Grape Seed Oil).



    Gently apply the Body Massage Oil to problem areas and massage in using circular motions, always starting with the legs and working upwards in the direction of the buttocks and stomach.

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